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Lips Restaurant San Diego

A "typical" night at Lips will include multiple bachelorette parties, several birthdays and more than a few first dates.

Both men and woman seem to love the Lips' combination of spectacular entertainment and great food. The eclectic menu itself is as entertaining as the restaurant with selections like "RuPaul" (grilled chicken breast over organic greens) or "Divine"(a plate full of grilled vegetables).

Lips is a great spot for a pre-show drink or a late-night laugh.

Special weekly events include "Turnback Tuesdays" on Tuesdays, "Bitchy Bingo" on Wednesdays, "Diner with The Divas" on Thursdays, "Glitz & Glam Nights" on Fridays and Saturdays and of course our world famous "Gospel Brunch" every Sunday (which includes unlimited champagne, bloody marys and mimosas of only $17.95!).

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  • Bachelor/ette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
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Meet the Lips Divas

  • Tootie


    Show Hostess

  • Kiki

    Kiki Masters

    Show Hostess & Waitress

  • VaVa Voom

    VaVa Voom

    Show Hostess & Waitress

  • Paris Sukomi Max

    Paris Sukomi Max

    Show Hostess & Waitress

  • Geena Roberts

    Geena Roberts


  • Babette Schwartz

    Babette Schwartz

    Show Hostess

  • Ophelia Later

    Ophelia Later

    Show Hostess

  • Lavida Cruz

    Lavida Cruz


  • Nadja



  • Cassidy Richards

    Cassidy Richards


  • Angel Fairfax

    Angel Fairfax


  • Cheynne Devil

    Cheyenne Devil


  • Jayden St. James

    Jayden St. James


  • Naomi



  • Landa

    Landa Plenty


  • Shania Luvless

    Shania Luvless


  • Disco Dollie

    Disco Dollie

    Show Hostess & Waitress

  • Yvonne

    Yvonne Lame

    Owner & Founder

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Our Info

  • Lips - San Diego
    3036 El Cajon Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92104
  • Contact Us
    P: (619) 295.7900
    F: (619) 295.4007
    E-mail Us (Not For Reservations)
  • Large Party Contract
    Click Here to download our Large Party Contract.
    You Must Have a Reservation First